October 1st - November 6th, 2022
Pacific DataViz Challenge 2022
Breathe life into data
Many thanks to everyone that entered !
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Congratulations to the winners !

The judges have deliberated and we are excited to announce the winners of the Pacific DataViz Challenge 2022.
A big thank you to everyone who breathed life into data with their entry.

Grand Prize (€1000)
Runner up (€500)
Special mention: Story Telling (€500)
Special mention: Teamwork (€500)
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Data Sources

Data visualization entries must use at least one dataset sourced from any of the following data portals:

The Pacific Data Hub (PDH) is a central repository of data about the Pacific and from the Pacific. The platform serves as a gateway to the most comprehensive collection of data and information about the Pacific across key areas including population statistics, fisheries science, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and resilience, public health surveillance, conservation of plant genetic resources for food security and human rights.

Pacific Data Hub Data Catalogue Documentation

Data.gouv.nc is New Caledonia's open data platform. It enables New Caledonia's government and public sector authorities to publish datasets so as to promote transparency, accountability and value creation and innovation.

Open Data New Caledonia Portal

The Pacific Environment Portal provides an easy way to find, access and reuse regional and national data. Our main purpose is to provide easy access and safe storage for environmental datasets to be used for monitoring, evaluating, and analysing environmental conditions and trends to support environmental planning, forecasting, and reporting requirements at all levels.

Pacific Environment Data Portal


Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria :

Innovation, creativity, and originality
Technical solution and analytical depth

Our Amazing Judges


Vaimu'a Muliava

Member of the Government of New Caledonia


Ruth Pozuelo Martinez

Owner of Boutique BI company


Nazha Selmaoui

Associate professor in Computer Science


Steven Da Costa

Executive Director at LinkDigital
Co-Steward of CKAN


Rup Singh

Senior Lecturer (economics and data analysis)


Sylvain Ornetti

Head of Customer Success


Api Malu

Managing Consultant


Pacific Community
Government of New Caledonia

Sponsors and Partners

Maven Consulting
Link Digital